Day 9 The East Gate (10 Days at Ten Gates)

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We are at the entrance of the East Gate today.  Here is an interesting article about the East Gate.

The Eastern Gate

The East Gate was completely destroyed, and the Golden Gate that is now in its place is closed up.  So, there is no, actual opening at this location today.

Grant Lutton again just gives such great insight.  I love that he uses two of my favorite Bible passages in this article.  First he quotes Isaiah 56.  This is one of my favorite prophetic passages.

“Yehovah says:
    Act justly and do what is righteous,
    because my salvation is coming soon,
    and my righteousness will be revealed.
Happy is the one who does this,
    the person who holds it fast,
    who keeps the Sabbath, not making it impure,
    and avoids doing any evil.

Don’t let the immigrant who has joined with Yehovah say,
    “Yehovah will exclude me from the people.”
    And don’t let the eunuch say,
        “I’m just a dry tree.”
4  Yehovah says:
    To the eunuchs who keep my sabbaths,
    choose what I desire,
    and remain loyal to my covenant.
    In my temple and courts, I will give them
    a monument and a name better than sons and daughters.
    I will give to them an enduring name
    that won’t be removed.
The immigrants who have joined me,
    serving me and loving my name, becoming my servants,
    everyone who keeps the Sabbath without making it impure,
    and those who hold fast to my covenant:
    I will bring them to my holy mountain,
    and bring them joy in my house of prayer.
    I will accept their entirely burned offerings and sacrifices on my altar.
    My house will be known as a house of prayer for all peoples,
        says Yehovah God,
    who gathers Israel’s outcasts.
I will gather still others to those I have already gathered.

All you beasts of the field,
    come and eat, all you beasts of the forest!
10 The lookouts are blind;
    they all lack sense.
They are all mute dogs that can’t bark,
    dreamers, loungers, loving to sleep.
11 But the dogs have monstrous appetites.
    They never have enough.
    They are shepherds who don’t understand.
All of them have turned to their own ways,
    every last one greedy for profit.
12 “Come! I’ll get some wine!
    Let’s drink beer!
    Tomorrow will be like today, or even much better.”

Sometimes prophecy can be hard to understand.  But this passage is all about making no excuses for not living righteously, and specifically about not making excuse about setting apart God’s Sabbaths.  Isaiah is telling us that it doesn’t matter who you are, a eunuch, a immigrant, an outcast, anyone, and everyone that keeps His Sabbath without making excuses is in Covenant with Him.  Yehovah says that everyone is called to righteousness and purity.  Everyone is to keep His Sabbaths.

He ends this prophecy by telling us to celebrate the hope of today, and tomorrow, and to be aware of false teachers.  He calls the false teachers, dogs. We know he is speaking of false teachers/leaders because he also calls them “shepherds who don’t understand.”  But, those who seek truth, act in righteousness, and keep the Sabbaths should celebrate the goodness of today, and the greatness of tomorrow.

What is the greatness of tomorrow?  It is the return of Yeshua.

The other passage of scripture mentioned in today’s reading that I love is the story of the twins, Zerach and Perez in Genesis 38.  What a great image of Yeshua’s first and second coming.

I am so excited to celebrate Sukkot.  Seven days to celebrate Messiah’s first coming, and His gift of life through His death and resurrections, and His deposit of the Holy Spirit, and then the Eighth Great Day, we celebrate the hope of tomorrow.  His Second Coming.  When I was thinking on these things.  I was visiting with my mother in law about the date and time of Yeshua’s birth.  I tend to agree with the timeline that Michael Rood has in his book The Chronological Gospel.

The Chronological Gospels

But, as I was pondering these things I came across this fun article too.  Timeline Birth Ministry Crucifixion  I enjoy thinking on these things, just for fun.

Today, I pray that I never forget that today is a good day to remember God’s goodness, and tomorrow is even greater.  Abba, I ask that as we prepare for Your feast days, Your Sabbaths, that we would place all our hopes and dreams in Your hands.  Let us never forget the greatness of our God.  

Lord, I also ask that you give us patience as we wait on tomorrow.  I can so often get overly involved in thinking about Your return and Your Kingdom to Come, that I forget that we are Your Kingdom begun.  Let me live for today, and hope for tomorrow.




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