Day 9 Above Reproach Titus (40 Prayers for my husband)

I have enjoyed reading the daily prayers in the book, it helps me look through scripture and find what the Spirit leads me to pray each morning.  If you are new to praying with purpose, I encourage you to really focus on the words of the prayers in the book, and the words in the scriptures as well.  You don’t have to make fancy words or write out fancy prayers, all you need to do is agree in prayer in your heart for the words you are reading to be applied to your spouse and your marriage.  There are times when I am sitting in a group of people and they are talking and visiting, and as I sit and visit, I just connect my heart and mind through the Spirit to our Father.  I take all the words that are being shared by the people and I send them in prayer to Him.  Prayers don’t have to be long or wordy.  They don’t even have to have words.  Recently, I have had several times where a past loss or pain has crept up on me, and I have no words to pray, but I just cry to the Father, and allow the Spirit to be my comfort.

As you pray for your spouse, let the Spirit be your guide, allow yourself to be real, and feel pain, loss, and allow yourself to be completely honest with the Father.  He already knows your deepest thoughts and feelings, so lay them before Him.

Abba Father,

You have qualified my husband to be a leader of men.  You have placed him as head of our home.  You have given him 9 sons, and six daughters.  I ask that you make him a man that is above reproach in all things.  Let him not be self-seeking, but rather a man that is slow to anger, keep him from addictions and obsessions,  let him not be a man that seeks to argue and debate things that do not need to be debated.  Thank you that he is a man who allows me to open our home to others and to welcome them in.  

Fill his hear with a love for what is good, sensible, and useful.  Lord, help him be a man that is just, devoted to truth, disciplined and self control, and help him hold fast to Your Word and a teacher of Truth alone.  Help him to study your Word so that he can correct and exhort those he is called to lead and guide.  Help him know Your Word and character so well that he is confident to refute those who speak falsely and incorrectly of You and Your Word.

Lord, I thank you that Jeremy is not a man who speaks empty words, I ask that you give him the wisdom to speak up to those that do go around deceiving and misleading  others.  

Pour out Your Spirit in Jeremy and make him a man that is temperate, patient, dignified, full of integrity, sensible, sound in the faith, filled with Your love for all people, and help him persevere in all things. Let his speaking always be of sound doctrine.  

Father, help me be the woman that Jeremy needs by his side.  Give me a gentle spirit that is reverent, keep my lips from gossip and slander, help me teach what is good and true to our children, and the women of our community, help me love my husband and children each and every day in my words, actions, and the depth of my heart.  Let me be sensible, pure, a hard worker at home, kind, considerate, and committed first to my husband before anyone or anything other than You.   Lord, let me never forget that my actions are a testimony of You and Your Word.  

Lord, Let us do all things, every action, every deed, for Your Glory and Kingdom.  We know that it is because of Yeshua our Messiah that we live and breath.  It is because of His Sacrifice that we have been made heirs.  We ask that we always place that truth first and foremost in our mind each day.  Seeking to be like our Messiah and King, who laid down His life for ours.  

May we lay down our lives for our marriage.


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