Day 40 Final Words (40 Prayers for my Husband)

Today, as we finish up this prayer challenge.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to daily bring my husband before Yehovah, and ask that He work in his life in marvelous ways.  This has indeed been a challenge at times, but it has been worth every effort and I give Abba the praise for strengthening me as I pray for others.

Abba Father,

Today, I thank you for the man you gave me in marriage.  I could not have asked for a better mate.  We are two imperfect people, perfectly united through You.  This year we will celebrate 30 years of marriage, it has been the best roller coaster ride thus far.  You have taken us to places we never knew we would go, both physically and spiritually.  I thank you for the patience Jeremy has with me, especially when I am unwell, unkind, and unwilling to bend.  I thank you for his willingness to provide for our families’ physical needs through hard work.  I thank you for his loyalty and faithfulness to me even when I have made it challenging at times.  I thank you for his compassion and care for me, our children, and our extended family.  I thank you for his quiet, humble, servant leadership.  Lord, I could thank you for so many things in regards to Jeremy, but most of all I thank you for giving me a man that seeks You, Your Kingdom, and Your Righteousness.

Even when we do not see eye to eye, we know that we can count on the fact that we both love you and each other as You have taught us to love.  Abba, even though Jeremy is not perfect, and he struggles, I thank you that I can be his helpmate, support, and encourager.  I ask that you would give us many years together to serve one another and to serve You.

And no matter what we go through in life help us to always be honest and to communicate well with each other.  Help us to have patience and kindness at the forefront of our relationship.  May we never become lazy, too comfortable, or selfish in our marriage.

As always in Yeshua’s name 


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