Day 32 Thy Will Be Done in our Bodies (40 Prayers for my Husband)

I love when Yehovah speaks a word to use in several different ways.  My children and I are using an Advent story book to prepare our hearts for Sukkot.  So, we read a chapter each morning, and the application part uses prophecies from the book Isaiah that point to Yeshua as the promised Messiah.  So, this morning when I saw that today’s scripture suggestion was Isaiah 53:5 it just warmed my heart to be reminded of Yeshua and His amazing life, death, and resurrection.

There are so many passages of scripture that talk about our healing coming from the suffering of Christ.  I personally think we misunderstand these passages.  Our greatest diseases and ailment is sin, and it is that which Christ heals.  I am not saying that Yeshua can not heal us.  Because I know that not only can He heal, but He says that His disciples can also heal through the Power given to Him from the Father.  So, in my personal journey, I try to remember that first I want healing from sin, and second  I want health in my body so that I might use it to glorify the Father and His Son.  

Both Jeremy and I have chronic illness.  Both Jeremy and I have had miraculous healings, and yet, both Jeremy and I suffer with our chronic illnesses daily.  So, it is with humility and awareness of my weaknesses that I write today’s prayer.

Abba Father,

I come to you today through the authority given me by Your Son.  I humbly ask that You would give both Jeremy and I, the health and healing we need to serve you every day.  Help us be wise and intentional in managing our health.  We have witnessed Your healing power in many ways in the past, and we know that You can restore our health at any moment.  If it be Your Will, we will gladly receive instant healing, and we will give you all the Glory and Honor.  But, if we have things to learn and reasons beyond our understanding that we must remain with chronic illness, let us do so with praise that You find us worthy of the testing of our faith. 

Lord, may we seek You and Truth in all areas of our lives.  And may we be disciplined to walk in obedience to all that You reveal to us.

Father, let us not be stubborn.  If we should ask the elders to lay hands on us let us always be bold to ask.  If we should seek medical attention, let us trust you even in this.  Let us be willing to do whatever is necessary to be whole in You.


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