Day 3 The Old Gate/Corner Gate (Ten Days at Ten Gates)

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Today, we stand at the Old Gate, sometimes called the Corner Gate.  Here is a quote from a neat article I found.

The Old Gate (v. 6) was situated in the northwest corner and is identified with the Corner Gate of 2 Kings 14:13 and Jeremiah 31:38. Opinions differ concerning the use of the term Old Gate, but some believe this gate was so named, because it was the main entrance into the old city of Salem (Jerusalem) on the north side.

The Old Gate reminds us of the old nature of Christians. It contrasts God’s ways and will with our old lifestyle before we began to walk with Him (Jer. 6:16). We are to put off the tenets of the old nature and walk in the newness of Christ’s life (Col. 3:5–17), so that sin has no dominion over our daily lives (Rom. 6:6–14).” -source

The Gates Of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s Day

I love the references in Ten Days at Ten Gates to Yeshua our chief cornerstone and to the ancient path.  As I pondered these two images I looked at some passages.  One that really spoke to me was Isaiah 28.  Another was Jeremiah 6.  Wow, these passages seem so fitting as we celebrate Yom Teruah.


I pray that I will always remember that Yeshua is indeed the chief cornerstone, and that He has shown us the ancient pathway.  Abba, as I ponder these verses, make it my hearts desire to always seek after truth and to have ears to hear it.  Lord, make me your remnant and protect me from lies, deceit, false teaching, and complacency. Motivate me to seek truth and righteousness at all cost.  Give me wisdom to learn from those who are older and wiser than me.  Help me be still and listen to gain understanding.

May Your Will Be Done, and May Your Kingdom Come.


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