Day 22 Bad Days Happen (40 Prayers for my Husband)

Today, I am having a rough day.  It is no ones fault, and I am just struggling to pray for anything, because I am having a hard day emotionally and physically.  I often feel in times like these that I give the worst of myself to God, my spouse, and my children.  I also get to a place where I beat myself up because I feel it is my fault I am in a bad place.  I could eat better, sleep better, organize better, be more disciplined, and the list goes on.  I can easily get stuck in this place of making myself feel miserable, and making everyone around me feel my misery too.  But, the truth is sometimes we are just tired, sometimes the weight of life comes down on us and we just can’t hold it anymore.  It is true, I could be a better steward, more disciplined, and faithful.  But, in this moment in time that is not what I need to focus on. I need to turn my eyes back on my hope, redeemer, friend, and Savior.  He is the one who truly carries the weight of the world on His shoulder, not me.  It is ok to be sad, to feel tire, and even overwhelmed by the things of this world, but we must not be over taken by them.  So, today, I struggle to pray for my spouse, because I struggle to pray at all.  I know that I know that Yehovah is Good, Faithful, True, Loving, and Full of Compassion.  I know that He will one day give us an eternal rest and peace.  For today, here is the simple prayer I can manage, as I wait on Messiah to return for us, His bride.

Abba Father,

Today, I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with many things.  So, I come to you to pray for my spouse, but I do not have the words in which to pray.  So, I ask that you calm my spirit and my mind.  Give me peace and contentment in all circumstances, and help me be the wife that is needed to make our home a peaceful and joyful home.

I am grateful for a man who is patient with me on these days when I am a bit of a basket-case.  Give him the ability to lead our family today, and to care for me his wife even when I make it difficult.  I am not angry or frustrated with him, but I am sure he feels as if I am.

Help him realize that when I am unwell, or being emotional that it is not his fault, nor is it his job to fix me.  Help me to take care of my self, so that I don’t have days where I am feeling so overwhelmed and unwell.  Give us both wisdom and patience in our relationship.


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