Day 19 Run a Good Race (40 Prayers for my Husband)

Abba Father,

Thank you for another day to try, to serve, to live for You.  I ask that you be with me help me be kind, loving, and help my inner most thoughts be holy, honorable, and kind.  I ask that you continue to mold me and make me into the person You created me to be.  And most of all let others see Your love and Your Son in my life, actions, and words.

I thank you for giving me a husband and desires to seek You and Your Kingdom first.  I thank you that he challenges me and our relationship pushes me to be a better person.  Abba, fill him with faith today.  Help him run a good race.  Don’t let him take his eyes of the goal.  Help him put aside all the things that are a distraction and hindrance from him being the person you created him to be.  Remind him today and always that he is your child, and his inheritance is in Your eternal Kingdom.  I ask that you give him self-control in all areas of his life, his thought life, his work life, his married life, his parenting life, his community life, and make it all just a life that is full focused on the Kingdom Life.  In all his actions and words let his focus be to be more like Messiah.  Stir in him a affection for you, and help him but aside all lies, shame, pride, and insecurity, and walk upright in Your goodness, graciousness, and forgiveness.

I ask that You help him run a good race.  Remind him that it is in Your strength and power that he will be successful.  Help Him ask and believe.  Help him have no doubt, not being double minded, but believing that You can and will do all that You have promised.  Help him to ask for what seems impossible, and believe that Your Will will be done.

Help me be the support, encouragement, and friend that he needs.  Help me to trust him and to follow him as I place my trust in You.  Together, let us be Kingdom Builders.



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