Day 1 (40 Days of Prayers for my Husband)

Today, as I read through the first prayer guide in our book, 40 Prayers for My Husband, by Selena Frederick, of Fierce Marriage, I found the topic of “freedom”  an interesting first choice.

Praying for my husband is not new to me.

In fact, one of my absolute favorite books is ”

The Power of a Praying Wife (Paperback)

,” by Stormie O’Martian.

That book changed my life over 20 years ago.  I have been using it and praying through it off and on since then.  But, when I decided to do a prayer challenge, I wanted to challenge my husband and son in laws to join in.  I knew that I would need to find a book that was simple, and easy to use,  that didn’t require a lot, since they are all busy, hard-working men.  They have a lot of responsibilities and lots of small children to dedicate their free time to.  So, I was excited when I found these books with very short daily readings, and lots of space for personal notes and prayers.

I love praying scripture over my loved ones, so the other thing I like is that every day has scripture to focus our prayers.  When I ordered the books, I didn’t realize the husband had different daily themes than the wives.  But that makes complete sense.  Men do not think, feel, or connect like women.  As I schedule the posts for facebook each week, I am reading through the men’s book.  I have found myself agreeing in prayer for the things in the book for myself.

But back to today’s prayer.

Yehovah, Heavenly Father, my Creator and Redeemer,

I give you all the praise, honor, and glory that is Yours Alone.  Thank you for setting us free through your Son.  As a mother, I can not image what pain it must have been to come to such a plan to redeem your creation through the life and death of your Son.  But, I pray I never take it for granted.  Help me to stand firm in faith and deed.  Let me never return to a life bound in sin.

I thank you for giving me a husband who knows you as his Master and Savior.  I thank you that you gave me a man that desires to walk in all your ways and acknowledges you as His Creator and Redeemer.  Help him to start every day remembering those things.  Help him to always be aware of the freedom that is given to him through your blood and sacrifice.  As he goes through his daily activities, no matter if they are routine, or if they are days with lots of burdens and trials, help him to place every step inline with you and with your Word.  As he surrenders his will to Yours, let him know and feel your presence in his life.  Let him have the confidence to do bold things in Your Name.  Let him be free of worry and doubt, as he recognizes and remembers that you have set him free.

In Yeshua’s Name,


As I pray for my husband each day, I often find I take those same prayers and pray them over my sons/son-in-laws.  I want my children to have strong marriages.  Marriages fully centered on Yeshua and His Word.  I want them to not make the mistakes I made in my early years of marriage.  I am so grateful that I now realize that marriage is the  greatest human relationship, we can have.  It can be beautiful and strong even in the midst of great trials and pain.

I hope this forty day challenge won’t just bless me and my spouse, but that it will bless many others through the power of Yehovah’s Word and Spirit.


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