Daniel’s Apprenticeship on the Farm

Daniel is out in Western Kansas this summer working on his uncles farm.  The farm is over 7000 acres.  About 5000 for farming fields, and the rest for cattle.  Currently, they have around 200 cattle.  They keep him busy.  He has learned how to weld, do basic tractor and car maintenance, how to herd cattle, tag calves, spray field with fertilizer, and much more.


We miss him terribly but they are enjoying having him, and he is learning a lot.

Here is a few pictures…

Dan I 2


One of Daniel’s jobs is to keep the farm equipment clean.  It takes about an hour and a half to clean one tractor.  Other jobs included mending fences, checking the cattle, and he is looking forward to helping with cattle births.  Soon he will be required to drive these tractors too and the big trucks.


Dan I7            Dan I9

The horses are just for fun, but must be groomed too.

Dan I10

Daniel is determined to get Jack the Donkey to let him ride him.  Jack does not like people.

Dan I4

Since the farm is an hours drive from anywhere there is a lot of cousin bonding in the car.  Ace and Joe would like to know if they can keep Daniel forever.

Dan I 5

Like a good cousin Daniel keeps an eye on his cousin Faith with her boyfriend, Mathew.

The farm is also home to Camp Runamuk.   Daniel spent his first couple of weeks helping get the bunk house finished for the campers.  It looks awesome, as you can see.  Camp Runamuk is a place for troubled inner city kids to come to the country and learn about the disciplined farm life and the love of Jesus.  Daniel will not be helping with the campers, since her is there to learn farming.  But the campers will appreciate his hard work in preparing a really nice bunk house.





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