Cover to Cover Challenge 2017(Day 8 and 9)

The last two nights we have enjoyed finishing up the book of Genesis and moving on into the book of Exodus.  I am sorry i haven’t shared much with you, but I want to encourage you to keep reading.  Reading through the Bible cover to cover quickly can change your life.  SO don’t give up.  Keep going.

Even though, I have read the book of Genesis many, many times now, I still love it and always learn something new each time I read it. Maybe you have a favorite book you enjoy reading year after year.  I know some people enjoy reading classic literature over and over.  A good book like, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” can be enjoyed over and over.  As you read it from year to year the impact of the characters and story changes based on the circumstances of your life and your understanding of life.  The Bible is like that too.  But even more so.

Since the Bible is the Living Word of God, it not only changes because of your growth and maturity in life, but it also changes as the Holy Spirit reveals new and exciting Truths about the world, God, and more to you.  There is no other book that can be read over and over and bring new life to you.

So keep reading.

On day 8, we read Genesis 44- Exodus 3.  Yesterday, day 9, we read Exodus 4-9.

This is an exciting time in the history of God’s people.  God reveals himself to His people as they rescuer.  He also makes Himself known to all the world.

Keep reading, and learning.

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