Cover to Cover Challenge 2017 (Day 17)

Our family finished reading the book of Exodus, and moved into Leviticus.  Some interesting things to notice about the book of Exodus.

The first 19 chapters of Exodus are the exciting adventure of YHVH God leading Moses to bring His children out of Egypt to Mount Sinai.  The miracles and signs of YHVH are amazing, and YHVH gives His people the first feast as a annual memorial, Passover.

After those exciting chapters, comes the first record of God’s laws for how He expects His people to live. Exodus chapter 20 is a summary of God’s commandments for His people.  The Ten Commandments.

What a great gift He gives His people by clearly telling them what His expectations are.

The rest of the book of Exodus is a lot of instructions on how to prepare themselves, the priest, and the tabernacle to worship Him.  YHVH God takes chapters 21-40 to clearly instruct and prepare His people to worship Him.  The cool thing about these passages is that the writer, Moses, is making it very, very clear what YHVH God instructed, and then he makes it very, very clear that the people did exactly as they were told. Moses did not want anyone to doubt if they obeyed completely.  He gave every detail of every instruction, and he gave every detail of how the people followed them.

The book of Exodus concludes with a finished tabernacle ready to be used to worship YHVH God.  The next book, Leviticus picks up where Exodus ends.  It begins with telling Moses how to teach the people how to worship God by bringing sacrifices to Him.

It can seem like these books of the Bible should be read quickly or skipped, since they don’t really apply to us now, right?  But the truth is each of these instructions and the details of them are a beautiful picture of God’s love for us, His promise to us, and how we can love and obey Him.

Keep reading, keep discovering new exciting truths about God.

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