Copying the Bible for Wisdom (My first published copybook)

Copying the Bible word for word, it changes the heart, mind, body, and soul.  I really, really believe this.  So much so that when I couldn’t find just the right materials for my sons to copy the book of Proverbs, I decided to make my own.  I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure I could do it.  But my dear friend encouraged me to give it a try.  With a little effort, I was able to create a copybook that I knew my students would be able to keep for a lifetime.

I didn’t just want them to copy words on a sheet of paper.  I wanted them to read those words, ponder on those words, and allow those words to affect their heart and mind.  I wanted the Word of Yehovah to get into them so deep that it would affect their actions and thoughts.

I designed this book specifically with middle school aged boys in mind.  At my house, it seems around this age boys start to really think for themselves.  I have to wonder when Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs for his son, how old was he.










Anyway, I was thinking of how my boys at that age still struggle with their handwriting.  It is around this age that they are trying to master writing in cursive, yet their awkward growing minds and bodies, sometimes don’t work together.  So, with these thoughts in mind, I created a book that allows them to look side by side at the scripture written in cursive and their page in which they are writing on.  They can easily use a bookmarker or their finger and follow along as they write.  Allow them to feel less frustration.

In order to be sure they are understanding the words, they are reading and copying I created within the copybook pages for them to journal and draw the lessons in each chapter.

This book has exactly 31 chapters in it.  Making for a nice one year of school lessons.  I broke each chapter up into sections so the student doesn’t feel overwhelmed.  The first few days of each week is spent copying the chapter, with the final day of the week spent journaling and drawing.


Another advantage that this book is exactly 31 chapters is a more advanced student of the Word could do it in one month, by completing a chapter a day.

This book is spiral bound and has a nice sturdy cover, so a student could keep it for a lifetime to look back at their Bible copywork journal and remember the things Yehovah has taught them.

It was a real joy creating this book for my students, and I appreciate the help that Foundations Press gave me in completing it and making it look so beautiful.

This book comes in two formats.  Because I am left handed and have several lefties, we designed it for both right-handed writers and left-handed writers.  When ordering make sure you choose the book that is best for your student.

I have a couple more books in the works so if this isn’t the book you’re looking for, keep your eyes open to see what we have coming next.

You can find out more about this book and order it here.

Bible Copywork

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