Color Thru the Bible (Leviticus 1-10)

If you are following this blog series as I write it in 2022, you will see that it is pretty basic.  I am actually gathering the information as I prepare and use it with my own children, as our family reads through the scriptures with this Bible reading plan from Christy Jordan.  If you want to join in now is a great time to jump on and read through the bible as a family.

Because I am looking for resources as I go my posts don’t have a lot of research to them or commentary.  Please be aware that I haven’t vetted all the links.

My hope is to go back through next year and clean up each post and add new resources annually.

So, for this week I am adding what I have found for Leviticus 1-10.  This was a tough search, and I actually plan to make my own pages from the materials I have found.  Here is the resources I am using to make my own pages.

Leviticus coloring book by generations of grace

Leviticus lessons 1-7 by generations of grace

This is a site with free Bible images I plan to use to create my own pages for my kids.

Free Bible images

After I create a few I will add them here.


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