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I am really excited about this simple little devotional that I found free online.  10 Days at Ten Gates by Grant Luton I love learning about the city of Jerusalem.  The Gates have always fascinated me.  So, if you want to print out the booklet and read with me awesome.   But even if you just

This past week I had several woman reach out to me.  Each one at a different season of life, but all needing some sort of support.  Emotional, Spiritual, and/or Physical.  This world is full of all kinds of stress, good and bad stress that pulls on us.  A while back a friend gave me this

Today, as we finish up this prayer challenge.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to daily bring my husband before Yehovah, and ask that He work in his life in marvelous ways.  This has indeed been a challenge at times, but it has been worth every effort and I give Abba the praise for

With the sighting of the new moon in Israel last evening, we can estimate the dates for this coming years fall feasts.  As always, no one truly knows the day nor hour of Yom Teruah until the moon is sighted in Israel at the end of the sixth month.  So these dates are tentative, but

Recently, on social media there have been people sharing an image of umbrellas without Bible verses that represent a Biblical model of marriage.  (I will include image below.)  There are some sharing the image and saying, “yes, yes, this is Biblical marriage,” and there are others saying, “no, no, this is cultic teaching.” Below is

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