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Read Day 8 in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today, we are at the horse gate.  Here is an interesting article about the horse gate. Horse Gate Here is an interesting article about Dr. Seuss. As with each day I just love everything about the daily devotional by Grant Lutton.  He tells us that this

Read Day 7 in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today we come to the Water Gate.   Here is a short archeology article about the water gate. The Water Gate In the devotional Grant Lutton makes several really interesting points.  I love that he mentioned the fall feasts, and referred to times in scripture where this

Read Day 6 in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today we enter through the Spring Gate.  Here is a article about this gate. The Fountain Gate I have to tell you as a Hebrew nerd, I love that Grant Lutton tells us the Hebrew words for these gates.  I just eat up that kind of

Read Day 5 in Ten Days at 10 Gates I am loving this devotional so, so much.  Every day just speaks to me and challenges me, and blesses me. Today, we pass through the Dung Gate.  Here is an article I read. I absolutely could relate to the article in Ten Days at Ten Gates

Read day 4 in 10_Days_at_10_Gates We are going through the Valley Gate today.  Here is an article about the Valley Gate.  Valley Gate As I read about Gehenna and what they did outside this gate, it broke my heart.  I couldn’t help but recall the writings in Ezra and Nehemiah telling of the times of

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