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As I began writing about the spring feasts, I was asked if our family celebrates Purim.  The answer to that question is sometimes. Let me explain. What is Purim? Purim is a holiday that is celebrated at the end of the book of Esther.  So, let’s go there and see what the Bible says… Esther

I was asked how our family celebrates the Passover each year.  I thought I would share my answer here for anyone else who may be curious about it. As for how our family celebrates Passover, we try to stick to scripture over tradition. Therefore, we have tried to keep it simple.  We begin reading the

Why do you celebrate the Jewish holidays and not the Christian ones?  This was a sincere question from a friend of mine several years ago.  At the moment, I did not have time to give her a detailed answer.  So, I briefly replied, we celebrate the Biblical Feasts as God commanded in Leviticus 23. Later,

    This morning my children and I were working through the book of Deuteronomy.  This is one of my favorite books, because it is a summary book.  It is a long sermon by Moses to the children of Israel just before he dies, and they enter into the promised land.  He starts out giving

Do you want to know about Passover?  Do you celebrate Easter?  Have you ever wondered where the name Easter came from?  Where is Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday in the Bible? These are questions my husband started asking me about 26 years ago.  He grew up doing Easter with decorated eggs and the Easter Bunny