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I grew up in a wonderful home.  My parents made Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives the year I was born.  They were what some might say, “Radically Saved.”  They were on fire for God, and we were at every church event, and my parents attended weekly Bible Study.  They became foster parents, and

I have been receiving a lot of emails, calls, and text from mom’s who are excited and a bit overwhelmed about their new discovery that all scripture is for our benefit and blessing.  They read a book, or heard a podcast, or saw a teaching, and a friend told them about God’s feasts, Sabbath day,

When I first became pregnant with my first child, I was super excited.  I knew I wanted to parent a lot like my own parents, but I also wanted to be the very best mom ever.  I got books, and went to classes at church, and listened to everyone’s advice.  When my daughter was born,

Read 1 Peter The church teaches many things about how a Biblical marriage should look, and the world’s idea of marriage is far from Godly.  So, I want to take some time to really ponder, what does the Bible teach us about marriage and what the husband and wife relationship should be like. I am

I decided to continue with my advice to my daughter’s on how to have a successful marriage.  I mentioned in my last post how I really would have loved a few more wise people speaking into my early years of marriage.  Jeremy and I have been married now for almost 27 years.  In these later