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Read Day 7 in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today we come to the Water Gate.   Here is a short archeology article about the water gate. The Water Gate In the devotional Grant Lutton makes several really interesting points.  I love that he mentioned the fall feasts, and referred to times in scripture where this

Read Day 6 in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today we enter through the Spring Gate.  Here is a article about this gate. The Fountain Gate I have to tell you as a Hebrew nerd, I love that Grant Lutton tells us the Hebrew words for these gates.  I just eat up that kind of

Read Day 5 in Ten Days at 10 Gates I am loving this devotional so, so much.  Every day just speaks to me and challenges me, and blesses me. Today, we pass through the Dung Gate.  Here is an article I read. I absolutely could relate to the article in Ten Days at Ten Gates

Read day 4 in 10_Days_at_10_Gates We are going through the Valley Gate today.  Here is an article about the Valley Gate.  Valley Gate As I read about Gehenna and what they did outside this gate, it broke my heart.  I couldn’t help but recall the writings in Ezra and Nehemiah telling of the times of

Read day 3 in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today, we stand at the Old Gate, sometimes called the Corner Gate.  Here is a quote from a neat article I found. “The Old Gate (v. 6) was situated in the northwest corner and is identified with the Corner Gate of 2 Kings 14:13 and Jeremiah 31:38. Opinions

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