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For several months now, God has been having me learn from the book of Matthew. It has been a process of studying and restudying, and learning to apply these truths from my Messiah to my life.  The book of Matthew is full of Yeshua teaching His disciples how to live God’s Way.  The disciples knew

Read day ten in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today, we prepare to pass through the Inspection Gate.  This is a interesting, but long article about the East Gate and Inspection Gate. Inspection Gate As we finish our journey through the gates around Jerusalem we find ourselves outside the inspection/judgement gate.  So often I find

In the Bible, specifically in Leviticus 23, we are given an outline of God’s Holy Days. The Days that the Creator of the world set aside to meet with His people. In a recent post, I focused on the day called, Yom Teruah, Day of Shouting. Ten days after Yom Teruah is Yom Kippur, the

Read day 9 in Ten Days at 10 Gates We are at the entrance of the East Gate today.  Here is an interesting article about the East Gate. The East Gate was completely destroyed, and the Golden Gate that is now in its place is closed up.  So, there is no, actual opening at this

Read Day 8 in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today, we are at the horse gate.  Here is an interesting article about the horse gate. Horse Gate Here is an interesting article about Dr. Seuss. As with each day I just love everything about the daily devotional by Grant Lutton.  He tells us that this

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