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Yesterday was a fun day at our house.  We got some new Bibles.  Jeremy and I have been wanting to get new Bibles for the kids for school use, for a while.  But it wasn’t a necessary item, as we have lots of Bibles in our home.  We have our school Bibles that the kids

On day five of our challenge Jer and the kids read Genesis 28-33.  I was not feeling well and took a nap. So I had to make up the reading on my own. Tonight, the sixth night, we read Genesis 34-38.  Jeremy fell asleep, so he will make up the reading before tomorrow night. These

We read Genesis 23-27 yesterday.  These are some longer chapters.  They include the stories of how Isaac often followed in his father’s foot steps.  It is a good lesson in making sure we break cycles of sin in our homes, by teaching our children from our mistakes. Hope you are reading along with us.  Keep

We read through Genesis chapter 15-22 last night.  Jackson Linton was here visiting and joined us in our reading time.  All the kids did great again sitting and listening.  Benny, being three, does move around a bit from person to person.  He also is at the stage of noise making.  So, often, we have soft

This evening we gathered in the living room after dinner and read Genesis 8-15.  It took us exactly 30 minutes to read it together.  Everyone was alert and focused to the end.  To help us prepare, we all stretched and did a few exercises to get our blood flowing. We discussed afterwards the many sons

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