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We began yesterday with the introduction to our prayer challenge.  As reminder, you can join our prayer group on Facebook. Praying With Intention Facebook Group I am so excited to be doing this prayer challenge.  If you ever wonder how I prepare for these prayer challenges, let me share with you.  I pray about what

In June of 2023, I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to be more intentional when praying over my spouse.  So, I invited my Facebook friends to join me in praying for their spouse.  I was so blessed by the experience, and so were others, that we decided to continue in praying together intentionally. 

Last night, I fell asleep thinking about Bible reading plans.  Recently, a new friend of mine began reading through his Bible from cover to cover for the first time.  He just finished the book of Exodus, and he has lots of questions.  So, he reached out to me.  I love the excitement of discovery that

Warning this post is very personal and I am writing it for my children and grandchildren.  So, that in years to come they know why we taught what we taught, and believe what we believe, and live how we live. There are lots of Bible passages to look up and study.  This post may need

A few days ago I shared a simplified version of the Exodus Bible reading plan I use with my children leading up to Passover and through Shavuot.  We like to pretend each morning that we are in Egypt living among the Israelites, as they experience slavery, the plagues, and the Passover night, and the journey

Wow, I can’t believe it is time for Passover again. I have been working on a Passover book for the last two years off and on.  I decided to share a little of it here with anyone who is looking for a simple Bible reading plan for the two weeks leading up to the Passover. 

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