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  It’s me again!  Hey, everyone, it’s Rachel, writing from western Kansas! Those of you who are acquainted with our family know, I’m the third oldest in the Hirn family. I moved to western KS in 2016, got married in June 2017, and had a baby in June 2018. I’m excited to start writing about life

Spring is just around the corner…the only problem is…I can’t find the corner! Spring is coming, but for now, it is still winter, and I find people continue to ask my husband (and myself) daily…”So what do farmers do in the winter anyway!?” So I’m writing today for all you curious people who want that

If you have a child you know, that after a child enters your life it takes time to adjust, and find a routine. During that time your priorities in life are changing, and things are a bit disorganized in the process. The house may be a bit dusty, dishes need doing, finding time to fold