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When you are in a dating/courting relationship you spend your time getting to know each other better. But often after marriage, it seems that fire to get to know more about your spouse can start to die down. That’s why I made a list of questions to get that fire rekindled. Some questions are deeper,

Planning and preparing for a baby is definitely one of the hardest things to prepare for. Every baby is different, so it makes it hard to know what items you will and won’t need. Some babies love sitting in the swing, or bouncer and some won’t. Maybe your baby drinks from a bottle, my silly

If you know these things, happy are you if you do them! (John 13:17) The winter months can seem to go on and on and on…especially if you are unable to go out in the fresh air. So it’s no surprise that when we start feeling anxious or depressed during winter, we blame it on

If you have a child you know, that after a child enters your life it takes time to adjust, and find a routine. During that time your priorities in life are changing, and things are a bit disorganized in the process. The house may be a bit dusty, dishes need doing, finding time to fold