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It’s been a while since I’ve written on the family blog.  Many readers have probably forgotten this IS a family blog, not just Mom’s blog.  That’s ok, it has been a long time since anyone other than mom has posted.  I have wanted to write several posts for the last few months now, and with

Copying the Bible word for word, it changes the heart, mind, body, and soul.  I really, really believe this.  So much so that when I couldn’t find just the right materials for my sons to copy the book of Proverbs, I decided to make my own.  I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure I could do

  Recently, my children asked if we could reread a book called, “Making brothers and sisters best friends.”  It is a cute and practical book written by three siblings, ages 22,16,and 10.  As we have been reading it, I have been thinking about my ever changing relationship with my children.  I often tease saying, I

Recently, some ladies asked me about my homeschooling day.  I thought I would share a little here with those who may be just beginning to homeschool, or who may be needing a change in their homeschool, and for those who are teaching Torah or learning Torah. Over the years my school day has changed many

This school year I got a few simple easy download programs to help with the reading basics.  I have several beginning and just wanted some easy hands on materials.  A new friend of mine, Michelle Huddleston, created some simple and attractive Hebrew notebooks, as well as, some fun preschool, alphabet, and sight word materials. Since

  This post is for Homeschooling Torah users.  I am just taking a minute to share our schedule with all of you.  Each year it changes a little based on my students, our goals, and dad’s work schedule.  This year dad works third shift, and sleeps in the day time.  So evenings are when he

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