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  With the start of a new school year there are lots of posts on face book about the first day, week of school.  Most homeschoolers are starting a new school year at this time as well.  I noticed some homeschooling mom’s are wondering how to structure their day.  So, I thought I would share

As we come to the close of another summer of serving with CEF, I can’t help but wonder why more churches and families don’t partner with this awesome organization.  I think it might be in part not knowing who they are and what they do.  When I was young, I thought they were a part of

The decision to homeschool our children was made before we even had children.  I am not sure why, but Jeremy and I both felt strongly about homeschooling any children God blessed us with.  We didn’t really know any homeschoolers (only a childhood friend).  But what we did know, was how we felt about the education

In my last post I shared how teaching my children has changed my life forever, and began to share how in the school year 2008/2009 it really changed our families life in areas that were hard for me.  Specifically in the area of holiday celebrations. (If you would like to read that post it is here.)

In my last post, I shared that by teaching my children to love reading God’s Word and to research things out, changed our lives forever. You can read the first two post here and here. Christmas in 2008 we enjoyed gift giving and a Christmas tree and the Advent season.  But, something had changed. The

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