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Dyslexic, ADD/ADHD, and other genetic or neurological challenges to reading, can be frustrating to both parents, teachers, and students.  I have come up with some simple, practical tips to help you work with your student/child and encourage reading fluency. Take it slow, but keep at it. There is no benefit to stopping and starting.  Find

It’s been a while since I’ve written on the family blog.  Many readers have probably forgotten this IS a family blog, not just Mom’s blog.  That’s ok, it has been a long time since anyone other than mom has posted.  I have wanted to write several posts for the last few months now, and with

How do you teach your kids to read? Over the years I have used many different methods to teach reading/phonics.  My first three students used ACE and Christi.  This is a fun and easy curriculum.  With my  next set of readers, I used Sing, Spell, Read, and Write.  This is also a fun and easy method.