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Recently, a young friend stopped by and we began visiting about how our homeschool days are going.  As winter begins to leave us here in Michigan, and Spring starts to arrive, it can be a challenge to keep students focused on the academics of their education.  So, my young mom friend, asked me how I

This school year I bought my children the Spiral Bible for books Genesis and Exodus.  I am always looking for new ways to keep them interested and learning when going through the annual Bible reading.  The Spiral Bible company has not put out any new children’s books, and we will be moving on to Leviticus

Over the years, I have been asked to speak on my homeschooling method of using the Bible as my only textbook . I made a simple take home handbook for those who would attend my lectures.  I decided to give it away here on my website to others who may find it helpful.  Below is

Dyslexic, ADD/ADHD, and other genetic or neurological challenges to reading, can be frustrating to both parents, teachers, and students.  I have come up with some simple, practical tips to help you work with your student/child and encourage reading fluency. Take it slow, but keep at it. There is no benefit to stopping and starting.  Find

Journey to Obedience (learning to live dependent on God) originally written August 2012 Recently, several people have encouraged me to write out our family story.  My first thought was  who really wants to read our story. I have enjoyed reading so many other peoples interesting and exciting stories online and in books.  Mine is just

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