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We bought a house in April of 2018.  We knew it needed a little work, but it was a great deal.  One problem was it had plumbing issues in the older side of the house.  All the pipes would need replacing very soon. In 2019, one of those old pipes began to leak and caused

  I am an animal person.  I love animals and if I had to choose between dogs or cats, I don’t know that I could.  Now if you asked me to choose between MY dog and a random cat then obviously I’d choose My dog.  I love my dog, and I put much thought and

This is the second year that Heritage Homestead has existed.  Heritage Homestead began when we bought our current house with little over 5 acres.  It is our dream to use our property to provide our family with healthy food.  Produce, eggs, milk and meat.  We also hope to help our friends and community in whatever

Here at the Hirn Homestead, I, Tyler, am the resident organizer. I love organizing, cleaning out a space, packing, and creating a neat place.  Often, people hire me to come clean and organize for them, or to pack and move their belonging when relocating.  It makes me feel good helping others get organized.  Rachel suggested

It’s been a while since I’ve written on the family blog.  Many readers have probably forgotten this IS a family blog, not just Mom’s blog.  That’s ok, it has been a long time since anyone other than mom has posted.  I have wanted to write several posts for the last few months now, and with

Rachel and I have now gone to Science camp. It was soooooo much fun. But, it was like watching a movie a second time but with new characters and some old characters. I knew a lot people there like Rachel F., Emily, Eva, Charlotte, Julia, Josiah, Curtis, and others. Last year there was a chinchilla