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When I first became pregnant with my first child, I was super excited.  I knew I wanted to parent a lot like my own parents, but I also wanted to be the very best mom ever.  I got books, and went to classes at church, and listened to everyone’s advice.  When my daughter was born,

I was so blessed with a very organized and efficient mom.  She is the true master delegator.  She knows what tasks can only be done by dad, herself, a hired worker, and/or an older child.  As a parent, we have to not only care for our children, but also for a home, possessions, bills, and

This past week, I introduced our family rule book to you.  This week I am sharing the first two pages in our book and explaining them.  I will be doing a page a week in this blog series. If you would like to read last weeks post.  Here it is. Page one is actually the

Recently, my husband and I made a family rule book.  This idea isn’t new, in fact, we based our book on one we saw on a youtube vlog.  We have had family rules for a long time, but we had never considered making a book. Why make a family rule book? Growing up my parents

Sadly, I have noticed in many of my friend’s relationships with their adult children that have moved out on their own, they walk away from the faith that was taught in their home.  They rebel and decide to do things their own way.  Some examples are sex outside of marriage, homosexual relationships, experimental relationships, drinking, drug