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Father, Today, the children and I are reading Matthew 6.  I love reading the teachings of Yeshua and asking you to apply these truths to my life.  One of my favorite passages is Matthew 6:33-34.  So, today I ask that you would help Jeremy apply these truths to his life.   Yeshua says to His disciples,

Abba Father, The days we live in are filled with lies and delusions, it often feels like the darkness is closing in all around us.  But we know that You have made us sons of light and sons of the day.  Help us be alert and sober. But let us who are of the day

Abba, I ask that today, will be a restful and peaceful day for my husband.  That he will reflect and remember that You, Alone, are Creator and Redeemer.  May he always know the gift and blessing of keeping Your Sabbath Day Holy. Amen

Abba Father, What a great day to ask for rest and peace for my husband.  As we prepare our house and meals for sabbath, I love to take this day to prepare my heart and mind for a day of rest.  I ask that you would help Jeremy to value your Sabbath day and to

In the book today, I wasn’t tracking with the writer.  I think she was praying about her husband’s heart condition and allowing “familiar” spirits in his life.  So, I am going to go with that.  A passage I often think of when talking about our spiritual and mental state is a teaching of Yeshua that

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