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After I had Bekah, I became very ill.  I was diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland.  The doctors told me I need hormone therapy.  I began treatment and for months suffered from bleeding, at the end of the 12th month of treatment, I almost bleed to death, and was told I might have

Rebekah Joy is baby number six in our family.  She was born on her sister, Rachel’s 3rd birthday, September 28th, 2000.  When I got pregnant with Bekah, I had just gone through a lot of Spiritual growth in my personal relationship with the Lord. I found myself at a place of joy.  Life was busy

A while back, I started typing up posts about my kids and their names.  Today, I am going to take this name series in a whole different direction. As a Torah Observant Christian, I fellowship with people like myself that love the Hebrew Roots of our faith.  This love leads us to study the ancient

Brenden was born on May 5, 1999.  Daniel and Lydia had been placed in our home as foster children, but at the time of Brenden’s birth they were not in our home, they had been moved.  It was a few weeks after he was born that they were returned to us in very bad shape.

When Lydia joined our family her name was Lidia.  She was a tiny, beautiful baby girl.  It would be three years before we adopted her.  Again Grandma Linton gave this little one a nick name.  She called her Lidia Lu.  As the day of adoption drew closer, we quickly knew that Lydia was a perfect