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Recently, we had a family move from several states away to come join our local fellowship (church, if you will).  That seems like a radical decision to make.  But in reality, it is one of the wisest things we can do for our family, our children.  Having a place to meet weekly on Sabbath, as

This past week I spent the whole week with my extended family.  Every year we get together for a week.  This is a huge gathering of people coming and going all week.  I have sixteen siblings, so you can imagine when we all get together with our children, and their children it is a large

I love cleaning and making a neat and orderly place.  But when my own house is out of order and things don’t seem to have  a set place, I tend to avoid getting to work and making my own home neat and tidy.  The problem with avoiding the mess is that it just keeps growing. 

In life, we have lots of choices.  The older we get it seems the more decisions we are required to make.  Some decisions are small, like what’s for dinner.  Others can be overwhelming like homeschool or public school?  We can’t always know what the results of our decisions will be either.  There are times when

Recently, I recalled a childhood memory and it began a journey in my mind back in time.  The earliest childhood memory I have is of my sister, Chopper (MaryBeth) coming home from the hospital and holding her.  I was only 2 years old and 9 months at the time.  But, I remember clearly holding her

As I sit in my living room this morning with my children loudly trying to get their morning chores done, and all feeling so anxious about life, that they are bickering with one another.  I can’t help but begin to cry.  How did we get here?  How do we move forward? Life just seems so

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