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Read day ten in Ten Days at 10 Gates Today, we prepare to pass through the Inspection Gate.  This is a interesting, but long article about the East Gate and Inspection Gate. Inspection Gate As we finish our journey through the gates around Jerusalem we find ourselves outside the inspection/judgement gate.  So often I find

Have you heard about the Biblical Feasts?  Have you thought about celebrating them, and wonder how to get started? Today, I want to give the Biblical basics to answer the questions: What is Day of Trumpets?  How do I celebrate it? The Biblical feasts can have several different names depending on who you are speaking

Girls, you have all grown into such beautiful women.  So often people around us are focused on the outside and only see our weight, shape, or physical characteristics.  These people often have health advice and sometimes criticism.  I want to share with you some insights and ideas on how to be healthy, strong, and have

My very mature and extremely responsible 22, almost 23, year old daughter got married to a very mature, Godly man this past weekend.  Here is a video.   So, as you see my Bekah looks very young.  Interestingly, complete strangers thought they needed to let us know she was too young to get married.  This

As a mom, I am always thinking of things I want to teach my children, and discussions I want to have with them.  Life moves so fast, and my children grow up so very fast.  I hope I have spoken all the words they need to hear up to this point in their lives, and

Recently, I was reading the teachings of Yeshua with my children, and we began discussing the phrase, “weightier matters.”  This phrase is found in Matthew 23.  Yeshua is teaching on how the teachers of Torah, and the Pharisees are making rules that cause discouragement and loss of hope for the people. Let me back up

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