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This past weekend not only did we have my brothers memorial service, but something else huge happened in my life.  My family is very big and full of many relationships, and unusual dynamics due to special circumstances.  Most of my siblings were born with severe special needs or came to our family after tragic events

Yesterday, we held a memorial service for my oldest brother, Michael Asher Linton.  He was only 33 years old, and after a very long month of fighting Covid, he went home to rest in the presence of his Creator.  I am so grateful for the assurance that I will indeed see my brother again in

Read Isaiah 40 This afternoon I was praying as I was driving.  I was praying for my brother, who is in the hospital, and has been there almost a month now.  As I was praying and asking Yehovah God to do a miracle again, a few songs came on that aligned with my prayers.  Reminders

This blog is something I have started off and on over the years, but have never published.  This is a chapter in the story of two extra-ordinary people, who disguise themselves as simple, plain people.  This is the story of my parents, Robert Floyd and Patricia Faye (Rowe) Linton. They are extremely private people, so