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I love Torah Sisters Magazine.  If I had enough money I would subscribe to it for every woman in my life. I just find it to be such an encouraging magazine. Sometimes, when I have a little extra money, I buy the back issues. Recently, Mary and I went through all our back issues, and

Yesterday, I got my mower out for the first time this year.  Mowing is one of my all-time favorite activities.  I love mowing and talking with God.  We have some of the best talks when I am mowing, because I can’t be easily distracted. As, I mowed, I pondered how I often say that Fall

Recently, a documentary was released on Reggie White.  Reggie White is a well-known football player, for two reasons.  He was one of the greatest defense players in the NFL.  But, he was also well known for his faith and out spoken views.  He also, is known for his unexpected death. My husband, Jeremy, watched this

Today,  I was thinking about how people say things like… “We grew a part.”  “He changed.”  “I’m not the person I was when we met.” Often people use these lines when talking about their divorce, break up, or the dissolving of a friendship.  But, it doesn’t make sense to me.  Of course, you have changed,

When my first son in law joined the family, I wrote him some letters to introduce him to our family and things I thought He might want to know about us.  I have four sons in law now, and am hoping to have my first, daughter-in-law, very soon.  So, I was reviewing the letters I

  Today, as I take a moment to ponder the goodness of my Creator and Redeemer, I can’t help but feel so loved and blessed. I turned 50 years old a week ago, and I celebrated my 30th anniversary of marriage to my faithful, loyal, and patient husband. I have been reflecting and reminiscing about

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