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Often people ask if we celebrate Hanukkah, because they know we don’t celebrate Christmas, but do observe the Biblical feasts of YHVH.  So, I thought I would share a little about our families view on Hanukkah. First,  a quick reminder about our family.  We do not celebrate the Catholic holidays like, Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s

Torah observant Believers, like all other believers out there in this world, are always seeking to walk in the Ways of Yehovah.  We study the Bible, and seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, as we make the best decisions we can for our families.  When it comes to special days to celebrate and observe,

Recently, I was asked again why I choose to celebrate the “Jewish” holidays instead of the “Christian” ones. So I thought it would be a good thing to blog about this again. Like everyone else in the world I am on a journey through life.  As I journey, I learn and grow, and my thoughts

Over the years our family has decided not to celebrate the traditional Catholic holidays, which included Christmas.  Often we do not even discuss this decision with others.  But sometimes it is unavoidable.  So to prepare our children to answer those unavoidable questions we do some role playing. Here is a few questions we get asked

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