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Yom Teruah, Day of Trumpets,  is observed on the first day of the seventh Biblical month.  This is in the fall usually in the month of September.  This year it was on September 17th, 2023. Ten days after Yom Teruah is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, also called the Time of Teshuva.  It is

Chag Shamach! Happy Holiday, Happy Feast!!!! Did you know that today is a feast of Yehovah God? This feast actually begins with the sighting of the new moon. Let’s take a quick look at scripture.  There are three clear passages of scripture about this commanded Holy Day. The Feast of Trumpets 23 Then the Lord spoke to Moses,

With the sighting of the new moon in Israel last evening, we can estimate the dates for this coming years fall feasts.  As always, no one truly knows the day nor hour of Yom Teruah until the moon is sighted in Israel at the end of the sixth month.  So these dates are tentative, but

Today, we are planning our December calendar, and I can’t help but think how much our lives have changed over the years.  Ever since my husband and I got married in December of 1993, he has always had an issue with Christmas.  Each year, he would ask, “what does a decorated tree have to do

(Originally written in September 2016, updated September 2022) A few years ago our family started slowing adding the observance of Yehovah’s feasts into our lives.  When we first started it was so hard to know what to do. What are the Biblical feasts? When are the feasts? Where do we celebrate them? Who should celebrate

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