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Yehovah’s ways are not our ways.  This is a verse, I have heard all my life, yet for some reason I am always surprised by the way He does things.  For example, when Jeremy and I married and talked about having a big family, and about helping other families through foster care,  we never planned to adopt

This month, as I have been driving my three oldest back and forth to driver’s education classes, I couldn’t help but marvel at the work God has done in my oldest son’s life. I remember so clearly the day he came home to us, I remember the days he left and then returned again. I

Do you ever wonder where God is in the day to day routine? I think sometimes I just need to stop and look and then I see His marvelous work before my eyes. Like this morning: As I feed baby Anna this morning, I sat watching Davey, age 10, do his morning job of clearing

Davey arrived home August 29th, 2008, and we started school the following week. I was so nervous how Davey would fit in, and if the other kids could adjust to him and his needs. Boy, was I surprised. It was like he knew his place and everyone else knew it too. I was so amazed

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