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Yesterday, we held a memorial service for my oldest brother, Michael Asher Linton.  He was only 33 years old, and after a very long month of fighting Covid, he went home to rest in the presence of his Creator.  I am so grateful for the assurance that I will indeed see my brother again in

Do you ever wonder why God let’s things happen?  Especially when you are doing your very best to do what you believe He is asking you to do.  That is how I felt last month when my daughter was about to have her baby. August 6th, Lydia was due to have her first baby, and

Today, I am sharing two more pages of our family rule book.  The first page is for older children that will be asked to baby sit.  The second page is instructions for our children when they are being cared for by someone other than parents.  We have a large family and children ranging in age

  Did you know that I come from what is called a multicultural/multi-race home? And I have something to say.   Growing up I did not know that skin color mattered until about the time I went to middle school, and then I got called names for having friends that were a different skin color

Yesterday, we got the call from our lawyer that the judge signed the Final Order of adoption for our Mary Katherine.  This was such good news.  Since this adoption was a second chance adoption (that means we are the second family to adopt Mary), the judge can make us wait longer to be sure we

In my last post, I discussed that a mother’s bond to her children is different for each one.  Factors like similar interests, similar personalities, and similar experiences make a bond stronger.  But sometimes, the easy bond isn’t there. When we first started taking in foster children, we were young parents with a two year old and an

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