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  Can I spoil my baby?  If I feed my baby on demand am I telling her she is the boss?  If I hold my baby to put him down for a nap, am I spoiling him? I have had people ask me these questions a lot.  I am sure it is because I come

When I was a child my parents were very organized and routine.  I thought all families were until I got old enough to go to my friends’ houses.  I think some people just naturally prefer routine and order.  I think some of us run to order and routine because the chaos of life is too

When I first became pregnant with my first child, I was super excited.  I knew I wanted to parent a lot like my own parents, but I also wanted to be the very best mom ever.  I got books, and went to classes at church, and listened to everyone’s advice.  When my daughter was born,

I was so blessed with a very organized and efficient mom.  She is the true master delegator.  She knows what tasks can only be done by dad, herself, a hired worker, and/or an older child.  As a parent, we have to not only care for our children, but also for a home, possessions, bills, and

This past week, I introduced our family rule book to you.  This week I am sharing the first two pages in our book and explaining them.  I will be doing a page a week in this blog series. If you would like to read last weeks post.  Here it is. Page one is actually the