Biblical Living, Doing Bible Things in Bible Ways (part 2)

I have been receiving a lot of emails, calls, and text from mom’s who are excited and a bit overwhelmed about their new discovery that all scripture is for our benefit and blessing.  They read a book, or heard a podcast, or saw a teaching, and a friend told them about God’s feasts, Sabbath day, or food laws, or something else that just clicked with them.  But now they are so excited to learn all the things they never knew they didn’t know, but have no idea where or how to begin.  The biggest change that most of these mom’s have to deal with is how to school their children.  Many had their children in public or private school and now realize they should bring them home and educate them.  But they have no idea where to begin.  Some have been homeschooling, but want different materials that teach from a whole Bible perspective.

I am so excited for all these women.  They are on a journey that is going to take them and their children into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, and others.  This journey is going to be a life long journey that is full of trials, hopes, disappointments, faith, purpose, and meaning.  It won’t be easy, but it will be blessed.

I am also excited that so many have reached out to me.  I want to help them make this journey.  It is true it won’t always be easy, but I hope that I can help them not make some of the mistakes I have made.

So, I have decided to start another blog series.  This one is called Biblical Living.  I hope to discuss some things I have learned, things I am still learning, and offer hope to these women.  Topics I hope to cover include but are not limited to:








Greater Commands

Cleaning House

I am hoping that many of you will send me your topics that you would like me to cover.  My hope is to write simple, basic, Biblical posts that help encourage women to keep walking in truth and give practical help to their day to day lives.  I will be looking through my old posts and seeing if I already have some topics covered and just rework those posts to make them easier to find and understand.

If you haven’t subscribed to my site, and want to receive my newest posts now is a great time to do that.  I don’t sell anything on my site, and I will never send you any ads.  The only thing you will receive from me is the newest post.

I sometimes use other peoples materials, curriculum, or products and might mention them in a post and even give a link.  But I do not get anything from doing that.  Usually, they are actually personal friends, or someone I have bought from for a long time.  I personally receive nothing from my website or posts.  I just enjoy writing and sharing what Yehovah God has taught me in life, and hope and pray it blesses others.

My goal is to post at least once a week.  So pray for me as I truly believe Yehovah has given me this idea and calling.




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