Bible Copy work (Homeschooling with the Bible as our textbook)

Josh copying Genesis.
Josh copying Genesis.

A few years ago, I wrote about our homeschooling methods.  The posts were very long, and well, too long.  So, since I still get asked about our homeschooling methods often, I have decided to update those posts into smaller more reader friendly posts.  So, here is the first one.
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The center of our schooling is BIBLE.  We use it for everything.  The most important part of our students daily schooling is copywork.  If they can’t get to anything else in a day, they must do their copywork.  Copying God’s WORD.
What is Bible Copying?
 IN our house every student copies God’s Word.  Our kindergartener all the way up to our post high school graduates.
Here is a  link to information on Copying the Bible.

Basically, we follow the method presented by this family.  A student sits and copies the Bible word for word, letter for letter.  It is to be exact and done diligently.   But, we do a variation of what the Klein family does.


Here is how we do it in simplified steps:
We started copying at Genesis last year, but this year we skipped to Psalms, the older students actually copy a chapter from Psalms in the morning, and a chapter from Genesis in the afternoon.  If you think the Old Testament will be hard for your student to copy and comprehend then start in an easier book, but once they start a book have them complete that book.

Step One:
Read complete chapter to self. Younger students read out loud to someone else.
(see below for more information for younger students)
Lydia reading her Bible.
Lydia reading her Bible.

Step Two:

Draw a picture based on the chapter.
(currently I use these Notgrass Draw to Learn books to help with ideas of something to draw.)

Rachel art for John 20
Rachel art for John 20
Step Three:
Copy the chapter word for word, punctuation for punctuation.
Step Four:
Have it checked by sibling or parent.
Step Five:
Make any necessary corrections.
Step Six:
Write journal page on chapter in same book as drawing.
NOTE: I will give assignments for grammar and writing in relation to copy work.
For example: if they are copying Psalms we will do some poetry assignments or even music/lyric writing for the journal assignment.
When and how long does it take?
All students are to copy from 9 am to 10 am daily. High school students are to complete two chapters of copy work a day. A typical chapter done right takes an hour. Therefore, a high school student must make another hour in the day to copy. Junior high students need to complete a minimum of one chapter a day. Elementary students that are reading and writing independently, usually around grade 4, are to copy a minimum of one chapter a week. Younger, beginning readers participate in group reading two to three times a week, and then draw a picture and copy one verse from the chapter read during group.
How this looks with young readers:
Step One:

Leader (usually mom) reads chapter to group and discusses it.

Anna picture for John chapter 20.
Anna picture for John chapter 20.


Step Two:
Using divided copy books, students draw a picture as assigned for the chapter.
(the curriculum we use provides great tracing and copying sheets to help students develop their writing skills.)
Jeremiah age 10 copy work
Step Three:
Student copies assigned verse from Bible, if not yet able to copy on own then leader copies it into the book and they either copy or trace it depending on ability.
Step Four:
Student reads verse to leader.
The copying of God’s Word is not just an exercise of the body and mind, but it is a way for the student to really focus on God’s Word and put it on their heart.
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  2. Gerald Landis Avatar
    Gerald Landis

    I was looking at search of copywork for adults.

    I guess I am adult as I am age 69.

    I do not remember in my public schooling or year of
    Bible School ever been taught about this method.

    May God bless you and your family.

    Hopefully when I grow up some more in my old age
    I will do more of copy work
    similar to your methods and some of my own??

    Do you ever use other Bibles in other languages
    as Spanish or Portuguese or whatever?

    Gerald Landis
    Forest City, Florida

    Copy work must take a long time!

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