Bekah and Andrew Elliott wedding June 9, 2023

My very mature and extremely responsible 22, almost 23, year old daughter got married to a very mature, Godly man this past weekend.  Here is a video.


So, as you see my Bekah looks very young.  Interestingly, complete strangers thought they needed to let us know she was too young to get married.  This at first was a little funny, but after a few more messages, it became annoying.

What is the perfect age to get married?  When is a person ready for marriage?  Who gets to decide?

Let me make something very clear, my husband and I, do not arraign our children’s marriages.  My oldest two children are both 27, and neither are married.  But, I am not going to lie, we expect our children to get married if they plan to have sex.  We also teach our children that sex is sacred and should be honored and cherished with one partner.  And we teach our children that marriage is between one man and one woman.   Yes, I know in our society this is radical.  But, I, can guarantee that if more people lived this way they would have much more happiness and excitement in their lives.  Sex between one partner leaves out all the baggage that comes with multiple partners.  Physical and mental baggage.

My children that are married all went into marriage with something to bring to the marriage.  Skills, knowledge, experience, income, savings, or possessions.  They are all capable of not only taking care of themselves, but also providing for their spouse and potential children.   All my adult children are capable of paying their own bills.  None of them come asking for money from my husband and I.  If they were not capable, we would not have encouraged them to marry.

I am so grateful that my children are wise and independent.

So, no we did not force our children to get married.  No, they are NOT too young.

Yes, I am venting.  I am just very frustrated that people who don’t really know me, would assume so many things about me and my family.

I hope I never judge others in such a way.  May Yehovah be gracious and compassionate to us all.

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