Author: Katie

  I am often asked about how I teach so many children at once, and what curriculum I use. To be honest, this question doesn’t have a simple and quick answer. One reason is I don’t use any one curriculum exclusively. Two, I don’t do school, like most people, even most  homeschoolers. Three, I am

        Those who know me, know I don’t watch a lot of television, so therefore I don’t often watch the news. But, this last week there was no getting around the media influence on the Internet. Every time I logged into the web, I saw something about abortion, homosexuality, and politics. The

  Introduction: The following post is about the sensitive topic of mental illness, chronic physical illness, and the spiritual battles I have personally experienced in life. I want to share a few things about these types of battles in life, before you read my story. I believe that God created us all in His image.

I have been praying and seeking God all week as to what I should write to you this Monday morning.  I am currently doing an in depth Bible study of Joshua with the kids, studying biblical finances with a small group at church, reading through the Psalms with the kids, studying the sermon on the mount

Recently, someone said to me that she appreciated that when I talk about why Jeremy and I homeschool, I make it clear that we believe we are called, personally, to homeschool.  She went on to say that most homeschoolers she knows give her the impression that homeschooling is the only way.  I thought about what she

        As I was writing my last post.  I couldn’t help but be reminded that God calls His people to a different way of education.  Not an education of the world but an education of Him and His Word.  Romans 12 is one of my favorite chapters in the WORD, because it

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