Author: Katie

Recently, someone said to me that she appreciated that when I talk about why Jeremy and I homeschool, I make it clear that we believe we are called, personally, to homeschool.  She went on to say that most homeschoolers she knows give her the impression that homeschooling is the only way.  I thought about what she

        As I was writing my last post.  I couldn’t help but be reminded that God calls His people to a different way of education.  Not an education of the world but an education of Him and His Word.  Romans 12 is one of my favorite chapters in the WORD, because it

  This weekend I had the wonderful privilege of going on a Ladies “unfinished” craft retreat. I took Tyler Ann with me, and we took along three scrapbooks that needed to be cleaned up, reworked, and completed of the kids baby pictures. I was a little nervous going on this retreat, because I really did

            Recently, my parents took me out to dinner and gave me a special bracelet.  On it, in Hebrew, is engraved, “I am my beloved’s and My beloved is Mine.”  My parents told me that there is two meanings to this verse.  The first is that I belong to my

A new friend asked,“How do you discipline toddlers?”  For those of you who read my blog on a regular bases you know I am more of a story teller than an advice blog.  Not that I don’t give advice and share my opinion freely.  If you know me, I am happy to share what I

A friend asked me this question today. “ My only frame of reference for a large family are “The Duggars”. On that show, the parents have spun off some of the parenting responsibilities onto the older kids (i.e. “buddy system”, etc.). Is that what you do in your household?” So, I will try and answer

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