Author: Katie

Okay, so Jeremy and I are asked, “How do you do it?” all the time. Usually this is in response to hearing that we homeschool our twelve children. Recently, I was asked this by other homeschooling mom’s. So, I will attempt to share how, and a little of why we do what we do. I

Do you ever wonder where God is in the day to day routine? I think sometimes I just need to stop and look and then I see His marvelous work before my eyes. Like this morning: As I feed baby Anna this morning, I sat watching Davey, age 10, do his morning job of clearing

Lately, I have found myself unable to focus and stay on task. This is not new, as I have always been easily distracted (some might say I have ADHD) I like to think of myself as a great multitasker. But, since having baby girl and moving, I have struggled with focus, insomnia, and depression(again not

Whenever I go out of those with all twelve of my kids, I get asked this question. “Are they all yours?” Sometimes it is asked in a different way, like “Did you bring the whole neighborhood today? or “Do you run a daycare?” Sometimes, people say, “His,Yours and ours?” But, no matter how they ask,

Often in my mind, there are several trains of thought running in all sorts of directions. So for the next few weeks, I am going to focus on just two of these trains. One is how to answer the many often asked and sometimes not so often asked questions about being a big family, and

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