Author: Katie

So yesterday’s reading was awesome! We read about the ten plagues. Here is my thoughts on them. (Ex. 7-24) Chapter 7:3. God wanted to harden Pharaohs heart so that He would multiply His sings and wonders. I also think that he did it so that all the Israelites and Egyptians, well everyone in the whole

So, a few people have asked about why we are doing this challenge, and how are we doing it. So I am going to try and tackle those two questions today. Why we are doing the 90 day Bible reading challenge and sharing it online? The first reason we are doing the challenge is because

I was very excited to read this story yesterday and even more excited to be blogging about it. The story of Joseph is one of my favorites so without further a doo,  my thoughts on  Genesis  32-43. Note how Reuben did not want to kill Joseph (Genesis 37:21;22) , he just wanted to harm him and

First, I just want to say, “Good Job” to everyone who is sticking with the challenge . I know it is not always easy, but it is worth it. Ok, now that I got that done with, I actually have to choose what I want to write about. There is just so much and I

   Day 1. Genesis 1-18 So, we read 18 chapters of the Bible. It was a lot to take in but it was a lot of fun too! Reading the Bible is so awesome! Every time I read the Bible, I get something new out of it! I was reading and I saw the words

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