Author: Katie

Chag Shamach! Happy Holiday, Happy Feast!!!! Did you know that today is a feast of Yehovah God? This feast actually begins with the sighting of the new moon. Let’s take a quick look at scripture.  There are three clear passages of scripture about this commanded Holy Day. The Feast of Trumpets 23 Then the Lord spoke to Moses,

I am really excited about this simple little devotional that I found free online.  10 Days at Ten Gates by Grant Luton I love learning about the city of Jerusalem.  The Gates have always fascinated me.  So, if you want to print out the booklet and read with me awesome.   But even if you just

Have you heard about the Biblical Feasts?  Have you thought about celebrating them, and wonder how to get started? Today, I want to give the Biblical basics to answer the questions: What is Day of Trumpets?  How do I celebrate it? The Biblical feasts can have several different names depending on who you are speaking

This past week I had several woman reach out to me.  Each one at a different season of life, but all needing some sort of support.  Emotional, Spiritual, and/or Physical.  This world is full of all kinds of stress, good and bad stress that pulls on us.  A while back a friend gave me this

Today, when I woke up, I thought to myself I want to take some pictures of our day, and share them on the blog post so I can look back at them in years to come.  I had no idea that this would turn into such a fun day. We have two family traditions on

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