Author: Katie

As a mom, I am always thinking of things I want to teach my children, and discussions I want to have with them.  Life moves so fast, and my children grow up so very fast.  I hope I have spoken all the words they need to hear up to this point in their lives, and

Yesterday, as I was mowing my lawn, one of the best times to ponder and pray, I got an idea to start a new blog series.  People ask me and my children all the time, “what is it like having such a big family?” Of course, for us, it is just life, the only life

Recently, I was reading the teachings of Yeshua with my children, and we began discussing the phrase, “weightier matters.”  This phrase is found in Matthew 23.  Yeshua is teaching on how the teachers of Torah, and the Pharisees are making rules that cause discouragement and loss of hope for the people. Let me back up

Recently, a young friend stopped by and we began visiting about how our homeschool days are going.  As winter begins to leave us here in Michigan, and Spring starts to arrive, it can be a challenge to keep students focused on the academics of their education.  So, my young mom friend, asked me how I

This school year I bought my children the Spiral Bible for books Genesis and Exodus.  I am always looking for new ways to keep them interested and learning when going through the annual Bible reading.  The Spiral Bible company has not put out any new children’s books, and we will be moving on to Leviticus

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