A Little Covid-19 Rant #goingmaskless

This is my personal blog and the opinions in this post will be my personal opinions.  


Covid19 has affect the entire world.  Every where around the globe leaders of countries have taken great action to control this “pandemic.”  Here in America, Joe Biden has claimed that if he were our president when this “pandemic” struck he would have stopped it.  This is ridiculous.  This coronavirus is not controlled by a person.  Anyone who reads the Bible knows that plagues are from God Almighty.   God controls the weather, God controls the diseases, God controls it all.  Yes, maybe, some human person released this virus, and yes, others have released other pestilence and illnesses in the past.  But, do you really think those people were ultimately in control.  Absolutley NOT!

Yehovah God, Creator of the heavens and earth, is in control yesterday, today, and forever.

So, why would God allow sickness and disease?  Because He loves us, so much that He will do whatever it takes to help us see that He is real, that He wants to be in relationship with us.  God is Holy, and He calls us to be Holy.  We are His creation, the apple of His eye.  He loves us and hates to discipline us, but He will do whatever it takes to make us understand His truths.

Covid19 is a coronavirus.  Coronaviruses are mutating viruses that can affect animals and humans.  Viruses, like the common cold and flu virus, are always being passed around.  People and animals pass these viruses around and they mutate and change over time.  They can lay somewhat dormant at times, due to less the ideal growing situations, like cold winters.  But, they will often resurface when given an opportunity.  Most, of these illnesses are NOT life threating to relatively healthy people, they are an inconvenience to the corporate world, as they can slow production down if many people get sick at once.  But, COVID19 is actually a very mild virus to the majority of the population.  It can be dangerous to the sickly or weak, but it in its most current mutated form is extremely a symptomatic.  An example of its weakened state would be our President, Trump.  Trump is in his seventies, he tested positive for the virus, he probably would not have even realized he had the virus if he hadn’t been tested for it.  He recovered quickly, and was treated quickly.  We can not know for sure if he even needed to be treated, but being the president, he and his doctors errored on the side of caution.  But, he was not even sick in bed for 24 hours.  At no time did he have to stop working, during his illness.  This is an example of how this virus is NOT as serious as those who are screaming and shouting to you in the media to be afraid of this illness.

The control that is happening all over the world in regards to this virus, should alarm us as beleivers.  We should be asking ourselves, why is the whole world being told to wear masks, stay home, and follow orders.  We should be asking what is really going on?

Since, I do believe that Yehovah is in control, I am NOT afraid of this virus, the government, or the true enemy, Satan.

But I am aware that evil still rules this earth.  You see God gave Satan dominion over this earth for a time.  Satan hates you, Satan hates me.  Satan hates anything and everything that reflects and glorifies God.  We are made to do just that, we are the image of God, Himself.  So, Satan hates us and wants to destroy us.  Satan is crafty too.  He uses those who do not choose God, to destroy this earth and everything in it.  Many people are used by Satan every day.  They are used to create confusion, chaos, and fear.  Satan knows that God will return and destroy him soon, and He will gather His people to Himself to live with Him in peace and safety forever.

Until God returns, those who call upon His Name must stand firm in His promises.  We must not be afraid.  We must remember that Truth is found in Scripture.  We must rejoice in all circumstances.  We must keep our mind on what is true, Holy, pure, righteous, and good.  We must not be deceived and fall prey to the lies of the enemy.

COVID19 is not to be feared by the people of Yehovah.  COVID19 is a wake up call to all who have been lulled to sleep by the enemy.  Wake up and cry out to Yehovah for forgiveness and walk in His Ways.

Stand up, Show your faces, encourage one another in brotherly love.  Walk upright and fear no evil.  For He that is with us is greater than he that is in the world.

If we do NOT look set apart from this world, then are we any different from it?

Again, this is my personal view.  As for me, I will NOT be covering my face in public anymore.  If we all keep wearing masks when we don’t have to, then the fear and shame continues.

Some people have asked me what happens when I don’t wear a mask.

95% of the time no one says anything to me at all.  People smile and act friendly.

5% of the time a store greeter asks me if I have a mask, or says something about wearing a mask.  I politely decline wearing one, and go on into the store to shop.

I have not been turned away or refused service anywhere.  That being said, I do have a plan if asked to leave a place.  I plan to leave.  Simple, if a business or establisment makes it clear they do NOT want me inside without a mask, I will politely leave.  No reason to cause a scene.

So there you have it.  My rant.

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